Sinéad Odessa specializes in womenswear we deem “wearable fireworks”. Our mission is to spark strength and confidence in fellow fashion renegades of all shapes and sizes.


Sinead Odessa > Yatta


Creativity, Design, Fashion
Created for Full Fashion Panic! An annual fashion show closing out the Mechademia conference. Catch the runway photos on the blog!
Photos: Drayke Larson
Make Up: Nic Butcher
Tassel Earrings: Glitter Galka
Models: Laresa Avent, Paloma Mejia, Krissy Calbert,  Myjah Avent, Merm LaMoufette, Cypress Rae Kenney.

Sinead Kelly

Sinead is recognized by her peers for her appreciation of the bold and whimsical. Armed with her scissors and thread, she loves to create garments that incorporate shape, print and texture. An aspiration that has held unfaltering since she first cut up Barbie’s ball gown.