Sinéad Odessa specializes in womenswear we deem “wearable fireworks”. Our mission is to spark strength and confidence in fellow fashion renegades of all shapes and sizes.


Our Philosophy

Seamless Design

With our signature appreciation of the bold and whimsical, we set out to fill a niche in the market for spunk meets radical extravagance through her own designs. Thus, the eponymous label Sinéad Odessa was born and began the mission to help our clients find that seamless blend of couture and streetwear. Armed with our scissors and thread, each garment is ethically created and customized for women of any size and age who dare to rock out and glam up. We’d like to think of each statement piece as a wearable firework, seamlessly designed to spark joy in the wearer who adorns our threads and help them shine their brightest. Our designs weave together inspiration from the streets of Tokyo to the double-deckers of London, and from the sleepless subways of New York to the neighboring lights of the Twin cities. The women who wear Sinéad are international-meets-local fashion visionaries who each have a unique story of their own to tell––after all, they’re anything but typical.

From The Sewing Room Floor

At Sinéad Odessa, we seek to limit our waste and give back by saving and piecing together the manageable scraps of leftover fabric to make blankets for local shelters and homeless camps. The smaller scraps we’re working to piece together to create yokes, bows and other one-of-a-kind additions and accessories. Eventually, we’d love to sell them and hand the profits over to charity. While this is still a small start up goal, we hope you’ll check back to see our progress and we will update you in the blog.