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Prince Tribute Fashion Show

Saturday marked the second annual Prince tribute fashion show, “The Purple Ones”, curated by KFAI radio. I was so thrilled and positively humbled to stand beside so many talented designers on the runway. So charmed that I was actually stunned to have placed third, and within such a close call (I was told within a couple points of each other). I’m so honored to have even stood amongst such stunning designs.
My look was inspired by the song “Raspberry Beret” and the women that inspired Prince. Women who were often underestimated by himself and society. I had filmed a little of my process and with the results, decided to put it together here in the little campaign video at the end of the post.


The event was hosted by Can Can Wonderland, a fun little mini golf and entertainment center chalked full of prime spots for photo opportunities. If you want to see more photos and read about the inspiration, check out the portfolio page here.

I’m most proud of the leisurely pace I took preparing for this show. I didn’t psych myself out, I took time to breathe and sleep, and maintained a healthy mindset. Growth is in everything we do and I’m happy to be finding a harmonious process. One where I believe in myself.

Until next time! A little Halloween surprise coming up.

xo Sinéad Odessa

Sinead Kelly

Sinead is recognized by her peers for her appreciation of the bold and whimsical. Armed with her scissors and thread, she loves to create garments that incorporate shape, print and texture. An aspiration that has held unfaltering since she first cut up Barbie’s ball gown.

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